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What is Roulette and Why is it so Popular

Roulette is a table game that is very popular in casinos. It is an old game that makes use of a spinning wheel with a ball thrown on it moving in the opposite direction. The wheel is divided into squares with numbers written on them. Players place their bets on the ball finally coming to rest in a particular square or they can place bets on a range of numbers and even whether the ball will stop in an even or odd numbered square. The game is simple and does not involve any strategy or knowledge on the part of the gamers. Still, it is a very popular game defying logic. Let us see what makes Roulette such a popular casino game.

No game can match the excitement and popularity of roulette

There are not many games that generate so much excitement among the players as well as onlookers as the seemingly simple and innocuous looking game roulette. May be it is the anticipation of predicting the right number that makes roulette such a popular game or maybe it is the giant spinning wheel that creates so much of excitement Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that whether it is Russia, France, UK, or a Las Vegas club, roulette rules supreme as far as table games in casinos are concerned. Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a total novice, you have equal chances to win on a roulette table. There are no guides, strategies, winning formulas, methods or techniques as you are solely dependent upon lady luck to win the bet in roulette. Just make a prediction and wait with baited breath to see if your prediction has come true or not. The beauty of roulette lies in the fact that every new spinning of the wheel is independent of the earlier result and you never know where the moving ball will finally come to rest. So you cannot blame your luck for losing in this game though you can always say that you have won because you are an expert in making predictions on roulette table.

Game of the royalties is today loved by the masses

In the early history of the game, roulette was reserved to be played only by the royalties and the aristocratic classes in the European continent. However, the game became extremely popular among the masses when it sent across the Atlantic into the America continent. The reason why the game became so popular was the fact that it was very easy to understand and play. Millions of first time visitors to casinos who do not know a thing about games being played inside know about roulette as they have watched it on TV or heard about it from friends. If you are inside a casino and playing roulette for the first time, do not place a large bet as the chances of the prediction coming true are rare. Just think of the money being spent on entertainment rather than thinking of rewards.

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